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DunnRight Sports is part of DunnRight Video and DunnRight Films. We've been in the video production business since 2005. We have a passion for sports. Owner Brent Dunn has grown up playing sports since he could hold a ball. He received a baseball scholarship and played college baseballl in Kansas.

            Brent Dunn - Owner



Many of you have dedicated years traveling to games with your children, giving them the best opportunities possible so they can not only become top athletes, but a good person.  Sports has taught me so much more than just playing a game. It's taught me team work, never giving up, dedication, work ethic, and respect. Many things I've accomplished in business can be traced back to all those lessons learned playing sports.


Growing up in a small town in Kansas, we never had club teams, travel teams, or top coaches. We learned most of our skills naturally.  Today is a different world.  Even gifted athletes need better training to compete at the highest level.  We see so many talented athletes.  I wanted to do everything I could to help them reach their goals and achieve their dreams. 


Many of our recruits go on to play at Division 1 schools.  Parents should also know that their are also many other scholarship programs a community colleges and smaller Division II and NAIA sports programs.  


Our job is to make the athletes look as good as possible while showcasing their talents.  I get so excited seeing someone we've worked with go on to play at the next level.  I feel like I am part of your family and do whatever I can to help.

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