Get Noticed, Get Recruited

DunnRight Films and DunnRight Sports specialize in helping High School, College, and Professional Atheletes reach their goals of reaching the next level by showcasing their talents. We film games, conduct interviews, and produce a highlight film which allow coaches to easily evaluate players.


We also create a player profile page on our site with your stats and video that you can email prospective colleges or teams directly. 


We use our experience as a former player and coach to create a video that gives you the best look as a player. We also frequently talk to coaches to find out what they are looking for when evaluating players.

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Get Recruited, Get Noticed
Soccer Recruiting Video
About Us

If you are involved in sports and you want to play at the college or professional level, you've probably noticed that there is a lot of competition. What can you do to showcase your talents to as many programs and coaches as possible?  All coaches will agree on this, you need video.

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